Problem Behaviors &  Aggression

The Trained Canine will design a program of behavior modification so you and your dog can relax!

Dogs can present us with all types of unwanted behaviors.

Dogs can present us with all types of unwanted behaviors:           

  • Eliminating inside
  • Ceaseless barking
  • Jumping
  • Destructive chewing
  • Nipping & Biting

While these things are stressful to us humans in the family, it's important to understand that your dog is behaving in a way that makes sense to him. Dogs don't make trouble just to get you angry. The key is understanding what is driving the unwanted behavior and how that behavior is being reinforced by your dog's environment.

I employ the most modern dog-friendly methods to change your dog's reactions and choices. Using harsh physical punishments or inflicting pain have no place in effective training today.

Dogs can present us with aggression and anxiety.

Aggression & Anxiety 

More challenging are dogs that have what could be referred to as personality disorders or emotional disturbances. These are dogs that display aggression, nervousness & anxiety, or a mixture of both. Such dogs are potentially dangerous to you, your family and your friends.  Dogs that suffer from separation anxiety or phobias are included in this category.

There is no one reason why a dog may develop anti-social behavior. A lack of proper socialization as a puppy is often a factor. So, too, is a dog's natural temperament and exposure to previous trauma. Don't make the mistake of hoping that these types of problems will simply disappear or be outgrown. Fearfulness and aggression usually escalate over time and become triggered ever more easily.      

These animals need special care. If you believe your dog belongs in one of these categories it is very important that you seek the right kind of help. It is a mistake to punish aggressive dogs and it's likewise wrong to baby and protect fearful dogs. The wrong kind of handling can make such dogs worse. 

A properly designed program of behavior modification is meant to change your dog's emotional response to a trigger, not just suppress it through fear or intimidation. 

Please ask for an in home evaluation to decide upon the best course of treatment for your pet.

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